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Maybe you're ready for a career transition. Perhaps work feels like exchanging the hours of your life for a paycheck.  Maybe you want to get unstuck, find fulfillment, and grow.  I serve as a strategic partner to help you make moves in your career.


Perhaps the challenge is that you aren't sure what you want, professionally.  Together, we can cultivate options and map your options against who you are and what you want to discern the best path forward. We'll utilize data science tools, assessments, and design thinking to help us with this work. 


Once you know what you want, we'll get strategic to help you realize your vision. This can include developing a job search strategy and articulating your value proposition via your resume, online profiles, cover letters, and interviews.  Our work will help you develop clarity and confidence to act without anxiety and secure your next role.


You have three options to get started with me on your career transition: (1) My Career Transition Intensive; (2) À la carte Career Transition Workshops; (3) 1:1 Coaching.  


Ready to make a career transition? This 8-week Intensive will equip you with everything you need to transition to a new role:


+   Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Brandy

+  One hour of editing and writing services


+  Six small group Career Transition Workshops on the following topics:

01: Effective Personal Branding

02: Resumes That Work

03: Memorable Cover Letters  

04: LinkedIn Profile Design

05: Job Search Strategy

06: Essential Interview Skills


+  Access to the exclusive LBD-Alumni Community for networking and support

+  Curated guides, assessments, and templates 

This is a comprehensive, cost-effective, efficient solution for your career transition. The total investment is $1,250. 


Ready to dive in? Book your first 1:1 or workshop to jump-start our work.



Want to discuss the Intensive and how it'll serve you? Connect with me below. 





I’m so grateful to have found Brandy and had the opportunity to work with her. Brandy was the guiding force I’ve never had and always needed. She’s proactive yet gentle, a visionary yet realist.


After a few sessions, she helped me surface a career field that blends the essential skills and passions I was most interested in; truth be told, I never even knew this job or career field existed.


Brandy also helped me to identify the different paths forward to achieve them with a step-by-step plan. Each session with her felt like I was talking to a long time friend and produced so many “lightbulb moments” and actionable plans. Brandy truly helped me to uncover so many new and exciting future opportunities.






Join Brandy in a small group workshop as you navigate your career transition. The first half of the workshop will be dedicated to providing strategy around a specific career transition topic. The latter half is available to ask questions and seek guidance. The goal of these workshops is to equip you with the essential tools to pursue your transition.


Workshop topics recur every six weeks. You can join the series at any time - workshops do not need to be taken in order. Topics include:

01: Effective Personal Branding

02: Resumes That Work

03: Memorable Cover Letters  

04: LinkedIn Profile Design

05: Job Search Strategy

06: Essential Interview Skills

The investment for each workshop is $100, which you can purchase à la carte. You may supplement workshops with 1:1 sessions, as needed, or explore the Career Transition Intensive above.



You have goals for your career - some may be defined, some may be rather undefined. But you know you want more - more growth, more fulfillment, more tapping your potential, more opportunity, more impact. 

Maybe a radical transition - to another company, role, or industry - is not your aim. You just need a plan to develop yourself as a professional, expert, manager, or leader. You may have support in your development, or not. But either way you know that the first step in reaching beyond your current circumstances is clarity about what you want.


We can partner to define what type of professional, manager, or leader you hope to become. We'll then get strategic to determine how to get you there. We can work on effective communication and leadership skills. You may want to up-level your time and task management skills. Perhaps you need to job craft and then develop the negotiation skills to get where you want to be. 

Whether your goals are defined or undefined, the best advice I've received on moving towards a better future is this: Just start. Your future self will thank you.




I sought Brandy's help to strategize about recruiting during the second-year of an MBA program. Brandy introduced me to a wealth of materials and frameworks that quickly helped direct my job search and clarify a few urgent decisions. Brandy also directed me to a number of outside resources - our discussions about which evolved my outlook on leadership, creativity, and teamwork. This was an unexpected but super high-value outcome of our work together.


Brandy's style, as both a coach and thought partner, is a great balance of detail-oriented and organized but without being formulaic. I highly recommend working with her!






There are so many things to consider as you navigate your career - even more so when you are a parent. As your home life evolves - becoming more important or more demanding - your work may need to evolve, too.

Whether you're returning to work after time away, need to negotiate a new arrangement with your employer, or want to make a meaningful career change, coaching can help. If your job has become depleting or unfulfilling, you don't have to settle.


Our work will begin by creating clarity around your options and then determining the best path forward. We'll then get strategic to help you realize your vision. This can include developing a negotiation strategy or a job search strategy. Our work can help you articulate your value as a candidate via your resume, cover letters, and interviews.  




I very much needed someone to help me navigate my own thoughts . . . the decision to have her as my coach has been life changing!  Brandy is an INCREDIBLE listener, who is patient, and has this gift of being able to change my mindset and help me realize what it is that I enjoy in life, both personally and professionally. 


Each week I walk away with a sense of accomplishment and clarity.  Brandy picks up on a tiniest hint of hesitation in my voice and is able to paraphrase my own words in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to see things from a different perspective.  I can't recommend Brandy enough.






I've partnered with clients to tackle the many decisions and issues that emerge in the life cycle of owning a business. The goal? To help my clients find personal and financial fulfillment in their small business.


You and your business are unique, so our approach to coaching will be curated to your needs. Wherever you're at, whatever your goals, we'll design your way forward.

+  Clarify your vision for your business

+  Build a business plan including defining your client base, brand, and offerings


+  Feel enthusiastic and motivated to build and evolve your business

+  Develop a strategic plan to reach your customer base

+  Clarify your business financial goals and define how you'll get there

+  Navigate employee challenges or difficult decisions with a thought partner

If you're a small business owner, or considering starting a business, check out the essential tools for Small Business owners below.

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RIDE Oakland

"Brandy is an absolutely amazing coach. I have had many sessions with Brandy and I walk away from each one with a concrete deliverable (which is so helpful to my actual business) but also with a better understanding of my "patterns" and what I need to work on as a business owner and human being.

She is so insightful, super smart, organized, and task oriented and summarizes our sessions and my "homework" each week with an email follow-up. I feel like I can be completely honest with Brandy about my fears and weaknesses and she finds a way to help me turn them around into something positive and productive. She is compassionate, funny, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Brandy to ANYONE looking for a business coach."

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Seeds for Equity

"Brandy is a coach who is passionate about helping her clients reach the goals that matter most to them. Through skillful questioning, compassionate curiosity, and authentic relationship building, Brandy co-creates a safe space where clients are encouraged to dream big and "try on" other perspectives. Brandy helps me see beyond my self-imposed limitations and consider other vantage points to imagine the life I want to live and the impact I want to have.


As a small business owner, Brandy helps me stay on track and inspires accountability for living a life grounded in my core values. I have worked with Brandy informally and formally over the past 10 years and I recommend her coaching practice without any hesitation."

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Min/Max Consulting

"I've been working with Brandy for about two months, and just in that short time she has had a major impact on the way I've been thinking about my career, my goals, and my interactions with others as I go through this period of transition. 


Brandy is super smart, compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a very results-oriented, actionable approach. I always have homework after our sessions, and it is always helpful.


I'd highly recommend her to anyone in a career transition or anyone getting a business off the ground who feels they need support. She totally knows what she's doing, and she's great at it. If you're hesitating about coaching, Brandy will quickly make you realize it is worth it."