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Perhaps you have unrealized dreams or goals for the future.  Or maybe just a sense that you want more out of life.  By working together, we can clarify your aspirations and make moves to realize the future you imagine. 

Having experienced transitions personally and professionally, and assisting many clients in transition, transitions have become both a skill and an interest of mine.  Transitions come in many forms.  The struggle from anxiety to wellness.  Loss of relationships and the growing pains of a new relationship. Grief and end of life.  I’ve worked with countless individuals wanting to transition to a fulfilling career.  What I know for sure?  We all need allies – especially when we are in transition.  


We begin by envisioning the future and gaining insight about your hopes and desires.  Together, we will work to transform your hopes into clear, actionable goals.  We then explore the barriers to your goals, and define the actions necessary to remove or overcome those barriers.  Throughout this journey, we work to re-define what is possible. 





Work often feels like exchanging the hours of your life for a paycheck.  We want something more than a job - we want a calling that makes us come alive. 


Perhaps you don't know what you want.  Coaching will help you be intentional and strategic in revealing your path forward.  We start by helping you understand your design.  What aspects of your life and work are engaging and energizing?  What is essential to you?  What are your core values?  I often rely on assessments and exercises, though our greatest tool will be our conversations.


We then apply what we've learned to create a clear vision for your career.  We'll consider the obstacles you'll face and the concrete steps to overcome them.  The aim is that, by the end of this process, you'll have the clarity to act without anxiety. 

Perhaps you know what you want, but are unsure of the steps to realize your vision.  Or maybe you know the steps to take, but feel overwhelmed when it comes time to take the next step.  Wherever you are, we can design your way forward, together. 




Are you wanting to grow or evolve your business?  Are you starting a small business?  Are you facing obstacles at work that you want to overcome?

Perhaps you've created a business that you're proud of, but want to help it grow or evolve.  Maybe you'd like to cultivate better relationships with your employees, streamline processes, or just want to experience greater joy at work.  Coaching can be an invaluable tool.

If you're just beginning, you've probably already sacrificed a lot in order to get here.  Maybe you're experiencing a mixture of anxiety and excitement.  You want to get this right.  

You are the subject-matter expert.  My role?  To help reveal your genius, clarify your vision, and be a partner and encourager as you make it a reality. 



As a certified relationship facilitator and mediator, I serve clients in improving their platonic, professional, and intimate relationships.  

Perhaps you want to build a community, but don't know where to start.  Maybe you've experienced a life transition and you want to surround yourself with friends.  Or you've relocated to a new home and are struggling to feel rooted.  We can explore building relationships, together. 

I often hear from clients that the greatest barrier to experiencing joy in the workplace is a lack of healthy relationships.  Maybe you struggle to garner the respect and cooperation that you need.  Perhaps you seek a promotion, but you have a tense relationship with a supervisor.  Maybe you don't have the connections you need to grow and enjoy your workplace.  Coaching can help.  

With intimate relationships, my role is to help new relationships grow, healthy relationships become optimal, and struggling relationships become reinvigorated.  We begin with a customized assessment that explores: communication, conflict resolution, financial management, leisure activities, personality issues, parenting, family, and friends.*  This serves as the basis for a compassionate conversation proven to strengthen relationships and improve satisfaction.  




The methodology of coaching can be applied to any area of life.  Do you have an issue or need a change that doesn't quite fit into the categories above?  That's okay.  


Life is messy.  Sometimes our lives don't fit into neat boxes about what is working and what isn't.  Maybe the whole of your life - personal wellness, career, relationships - feels out of line with what you want.  The good news?  My coaching addresses the whole person - in all its complexity. 

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