These are some favorite resources and tools I often share with my clients.  Explore below if you'd like to get essential small business tools, pick up a good book, or listen to a few of my favorite podcasts.

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Client Management: Honeybook + 40% off

By far the best tool I've invested in as a small business owner.  It allows you to send invoices, contracts and agreements for e-signature, proposals, and questionnaires. It also helps you manage bookkeeping. Above is a code for 40% off Honeybook.

Accounting: Quickbooks + 50% off


It's so important to do accounting ASAP when you start your business.  Above is a link for 50% off Quickbooks 

Scheduling: Calendly

A great tool for calendaring.  It removes all the headache! And it's free if you have just one session-type. 

Business Tax Information: Bench

I love this resource for tax information/ business information!  It's the best blog I've found

Small Business Startup Info: Small Business Association Guide 

Check out this resource from the SBA on 10 steps to start your business. 



For Letting Go of Perfection + Performance: Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

A favorite book.  It will strike a cord with those who think they always have to be "doing" and struggle to be still.  Shauna has a lovely, approachable writing style - like talking to an old friend. 

For Trusting Your Gut: Blink by Malcolm ​Gladwell

Think you can't rely on your gut?  This well-researched book will convince you otherwise. 

For Prioritizing What Matters: Essentialism by Greg McKeown 

A very crucial read for a world that glorifies busy.  Think it's impossible to slow down and pair down to only what matters most?  This book will light the way. 

For Making a Change: Switch By Chip + Dan Heath

This book lays out a very simple methodology for successfully pursuing big changes in our lives.  It explores the interplay between vision, willpower, motivation, and a overcoming obstables.   

For Breaking Bad Habits + Starting Better Ones: Atomic Habits by James Clear

This is a #1 New York Times Bestseller and a fantastic read for anyone wanting to overcome a bad habit or form new, healthy habits.  This book may make your habit transformation a lot easier.



For the Entrepreneurial Spirit: NPR's How I Built This Podcast

Want to know how great companies got their start?  Learn from their founders - and maybe get inspired for your first (or next) entrepreneurial adventure!

For ​Learning From The Best: Harvard Business Review Ideacast​ Podcast

Want to learn from the best entrepreneurs, thought leaders, advocates, and creators?  This is your podcast.  Check out "Why People - and Companies - Need Purpose" (episode 677), "Networking Myths Dispelled" (episode 643),  or "Use Your Money to Buy Happier Time" (episode 667).

For Changing Your Mindset: The Life Coach School Podcast

Covers essential topics like managing our thoughts (episode 19), boundaries (episode 12), and managing failure (episode 4).

For the Spiritually-Seeking: Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast + The Bible Project

Spiritually seeking or want to dig deeper?  Check out the excellent My Strange Bible Podcast that answers the hardest questions and breaks down the most challenging concepts of the Bible. 

For ​the Small-Business Startup: The Goal Digger Podcast

Do you have or want to create an online or creative business? Check out this podcast to hear from a self-made millionaire on business, branding, and marketing. 

For the Philosopher: Philosophize This! Podcast

Want to sink your teeth into something stimulating and challenging?  Dive into the world of philosophy with this accessible and compelling podcast.