"Working with Brandy has transformed my career path.  I was feeling so stuck, but now I know my way forward.  I'm making a cross-country move, going back to school, and pursing my calling!  I am no longer plagued with uncertainty, but feel energized and at peace.  I am so grateful for our coaching, and know Brandy will be an ally in whatever challenges or adventures come my way."





Wellness is more than health - it encompasses your purpose, relationships, finances, sense of community, and physical well-being.*

Cultivating a healthy, wellness-driven lifestyle may mean making small adjustments, or drastic changes.  Together, we can evaluate what needs to change and how to make the change.


Spirituality may be defined as the search for something sacred.  Why does spirituality matter?  One reason is because spirituality makes us healthier and happier. 

Per Psychology Today, spirituality makes us more gracious and compassionate.  Spiritual people flourish - they have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are optimistic, and have meaning and purpose in life.  Spiritual individuals self-actualize - they strive toward a better life and consider personal growth and fulfillment as a central goal.  Individuals who value spirituality take the time to reflect on their daily activities and ultimately build lasting memories of their experiences.*

Part of designing your life may involve developing or strengthening your spirituality - something we can work through together.


We all age.  It is the most unifying human experience.  Facing the challenges of aging and end of life can be daunting if done alone.  As your coach, I would come alongside you or your family to address practical and personal difficulties.  Together, we can navigate the systems, planning, complexities, and obstacles to aging - hopefully with more grace than difficulty.


My experience with seniors began over fifteen years ago in long-term care facilities as a companion and advocate.  I established a group at the University of California, Berkeley to serve seniors in the Bay Area - a group still in existence today.  I also served as a Long Term Care Ombudsman for Alameda County, ensuring that seniors in local residential care facilities received quality care. 


After University, I worked with the legislative advocacy team at AARP Sacramento and became a California Senate Fellow, advocating for public policy reform to protect our seniors.  I currently serve on a committee with California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) in San Francisco.


As an attorney, I continued serving seniors.  I received a fellowship to work at a non-profit with seniors facing elder abuse.  I later practiced trusts and estates law and served families needing help with estate planning, probate, and trust administration.  My most fulfilling work in this area was with individuals who recently lost their spouse and were navigating the emotional, practical, and legal aspects of this grievous loss. 

Throughout my years working with seniors, I've had much experience with end of life.  Many seniors were facing death, fearful about death, planning for death, or recovering from the death of a loved one.  End of life is never easy or timely, but a coach can help ease the disruption.  As your coach, we can work to bring clarity as to how you want to live and how you want to face death.  Death may be ominous, frustrating, confusing, or frightening, but facing end of life with intention can bring relief, acceptance, and even peace. 



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