My goal as your coach is to help you create a life aligned to who you are and what you want. I will partner with you to clarify a vision for your future, identify and overcome obstacles, and take action to realize what you want. 

My approach can be distilled into a few words: curated, comprehensive, and holistic. My work is curated to each client, session-by-session. I will strive to understand your unique needs and tailor my approach to you. My support is comprehensive - I will partner with you from goal formation through realizing the change you want. I also take a holistic approach to coaching, believing that each facet of your life is inextricably linked.



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By working together, we can clarify what you want from the future and work to make it yours.  We begin by envisioning the future and gaining insight about what is essential to you - your essential relationships, essential values, and essential priorities.  We then take steps to help align your life to what you want most - be it peace of mind, thriving relationships, growth, or a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. 

If you're in a life transition, I serve as an ally and thought partner.  Having experienced personal and professional transition, and after partnering with many clients in transition, transition has become both a skill and a passion of mine. I often partner with clients to re-design life amidst becoming a parent, losing a relationship, divorcing, moving, retiring, and grieving. 

In coaching, it is often important to address obstacles to your goals. We can challenge thought obstacles - the things you may be thinking that are preventing you from taking action to change your life. We can also tackle behavioral obstacles such as time management, task management, stress management, boundaries, and habits.




Brandy is a coach who is passionate about helping her clients reach the goals that matter most to them. Through skillful questioning, compassionate curiosity, and authentic relationship building, Brandy co-creates a safe space where clients are encouraged to dream big and "try on" other perspectives. Brandy helps me see beyond my self-imposed limitations and consider other vantage points to imagine the life I want to live and the impact I want to have in the world.


Brandy knows that supporting her clients on their path to achieving their big picture vision also requires breaking down the path into manageable milestones. As a small business owner, Brandy helps me stay on track and inspires accountability for living a life grounded in my core values. I have worked with Brandy informally and formally over the past 10 years and I recommend her coaching practice without any hesitation.





Before becoming a mother, I could not have fathomed the degree of transformation that comes with this life change. Every area of my life experienced a significant shift - my relationship to my partner, to risk, to my work, to joy, and to myself.

Whether you are a new parent, parent to a toddler, have a growing family, or have school-aged children, these shifts are happening. We are continually in transition.

I'd encourage you to thoughtfully examine the areas of your life that feel rich and satisfying. Maybe as you try this, some ideas come up. Or maybe you struggle to think of anything at all. Either way, in coaching, we'll consider what's working and what's not - and take steps to close the gap.


What are your pain points? Maybe it's a desire for renewed connection or a meaning beyond the family you've created. Perhaps it's balancing the demands of life and struggling with burnout. Maybe it's a loss as to how to proceed with your career.


So often, we (and the world) focus on the needs of our kids. Our focus will be on you.




I very much needed someone to help me navigate my own thoughts . . . the decision to have her as my coach has been life changing!  Brandy is an INCREDIBLE listener, who is patient, and has this gift of being able to change my mindset and help me realize what it is that I enjoy in life, both personally and professionally. 


Each week I walk away with a sense of accomplishment and clarity.  Brandy picks up on a tiniest hint of hesitation in my voice and is able to paraphrase my own words in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to see things from a different perspective.  I can't recommend Brandy enough.





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Too often, who we are and what we want does not inform our reality.  I help clients align their innate design and their life design. How?

A well-designed life begins with understanding your design. Together, we'll answer some fundamental questions through conversation, assessments, exercises, and other resources all thoughtfully curated for you. 

Once we understand your design, we'll consider the possibilities for your life.  What are the professional settings that will reward you for being exactly you? What roles will energize and engage you? How can you transform your relationships, habits, and hobbies to create alignment? I'll partner with you as you take action to realize a well-designed life.



Who you are + what you want:




Purpose/ Mission






How you structure your life:

Professional Role









Q: So, what is coaching?


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) - the leading international governing body for the coaching profession - defines coaching as: ". . . partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership." 

Q: What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits of coaching are unique to each person. Here are some benefits shared by former clients:


Gain clarity of purpose and direction

Transition careers

Experience greater fulfillment at work

Have better relationships

Grow in self-awareness

Overcome life challenges 

Navigate important life decisions

Address internal obstacles to thriving

Feel more confident

Develop leadership skills

Start a business 

Reduce anxiety

Successfully negotiate a promotion

Prioritize what was essential


Q: What is the coaching process like?

My approach is tailored to each client. At the beginning of our relationship, we'll define overarching goals for our coaching work. We then begin each session defining specific objectives for our discussion. 

You'll always walk away with clear next steps you can take to make progress between our sessions. I often follow-up post-session with resources and tools. 

Q: What are a few words to describe your approach to coaching?







Q: Where will we meet?


My office is in Berkeley, California.  Currently, sessions are held remotely via phone or video.  How we meet can change session-by-session. 

Q: How often will we meet? 

How often we meet is up to you!  Starting out, most of my clients work with me once a week or once every other week.  We can adjust our cadence as needed. 

Q: How many sessions will I need?

We don't have to predict the total number of sessions at the start of our relationship as I do not sell packages.  We will plan session-by-session to ensure you get the right number of sessions for you.


Most clients work with me for about eight sessions over the course of two or three months. Some clients return for a monthly or quarterly session. Others enjoy a longer-term relationship.


If you are in career transition and would benefit from an efficient, concrete timeline, I offer an eight-week career transition plan.   

Q: Do you help with documents like a resume and cover letter or copy for a website? 

Yes.  If during the course of our work together, you need assistance with drafting language for your LinkedIn profile, re-thinking your resume, or crafting a thoughtful cover letter, we can tackle these tasks together. I also support clients with the copy for their websites or portfolios.

Q: What if I have other questions? 


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